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Anticipating a moment that is likely or unlikely to happen always trigger  the alertness quotient in any picture maker. And the unfolding of an entire story with just one  photograph has always been an immense challenge as it required a thought process that needs to perform in a fraction of a second.


Industrial Engineering in the semi conductor discipline had been my forte till I moved flesh , blood and thought to the domain I  always wanted to be associated with photography and photofinishing. The passion that I nurtured, developed inside the darkrooms of this vibrant industry and stood ground for more than 30 years. From the annals of the dish developers through the machines that later produced pictures in ten minutes, I had the fortune to be in tune with them all, in technique and  commerce.  The industry brought in memorable times by way of some great travel expeditions and subsequent association with  renowned names in the trade, names that inspired the paradigm shift to my hitherto outlook.  The hobbyist in me was actually giving way to the explorer.


Equipments , I understand, help take one's perspective beyond the vision and the mind . And thus began the love for them , many of them ending as collectables rather than tools for an expressive impression. Though all of them had been of immense help, I still hold Leica close to my heart and the relation is full frame.  The terrain of action... the streets and the beautiful earth.


All the pictures here are shot over a period of time and has been copyrighted.

I request all of you to enjoy them and post your valuable observations.


You may contact me  if you wish to purchase any of the pictures or associate with me in  photographic projects that may happen from time to time.  

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